The New BC Cancer Agency Cancer Centre in Prince George

Project Data/Status

As work on the new cancer centre continues, check this page regularly for information on the latest developments at the site.

Project Data
Building Area: 54,300 ft² (5,000 m2)
Volume of Wood: 655,922 board feet (equivalent to 200 km of one inch thick, one foot wide boards laid end to end)
Concrete Structure: 9,300 m3 of concrete
Structural steel: 85 tonnes
Mechanical systems: 1 air handling unit – total output 22,000 L/s
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Goal: Gold

Project Status

The detailed design of the cancer centre is now complete and construction of the cancer centre has been underway since the end of July 2010. Construction of the cancer centre is expected to finish in September 2012.

The construction of the neighbouring parkade finished in July 2010. The parkade was constructed first in order to replace the hospital staff parking stalls that will be lost during construction of the cancer centre. This new structure is located in the existing staff parking lot to the north of the hospital.

Plenary Health’s construction partner, PCL, broke ground in Alward Park on January 18, 2010 in order to start preparations for a temporary parking area for University Hospital of Northern BC (formerly Prince George Regional Hospital) staff in Alward Park. This temporary parking was in place until June 2011.

Construction Milestones
Oct. 20, 2009: Preferred proponent announced
Dec. 18, 2009: Final agreement signed and contact awarded
Jan. 2010: Construction underway
July 29, 2010: Groundbreaking for cancer centre
September 2012: Construction completion

Project Labour

At the peak of construction, there were 160 skilled trade workers on site. PCL recognizes the availability of a strong, reliable local work force in Prince George. The majority of the construction costs were spent locally and the majority of the trades were from the north, which included a component of local hire for PCL carpenters and labourers. PCL met with the Prince George Construction Association and included many of the local disciplines in their tendering process.